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We are one of the Oldest and continuously operating Internet  broadcasting networks in the world.
 We  Started and ran,    the First  ever Route 66 LIVE    "Internet cam"
in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA  in 1998.

We   also  started and ran  Albuquerque's  first  Internet only,  radio station,   Route 66 LIVE  
in 1998.   
After  running  the  Route 66 Live Radio station  for a year,  with  Internet D.J's   "Jeff Thrasher"  
and  "Hip Daddy Deadeye"
We  then moved  to Daytona Beach , Florida, USA,  in the year   2000,   and   started   Daytona Beach LIVE  
Daytona Beach's   first   24/7   Internet TV station.   
TheRaven,   along with  Brian Getto  ( AKA Brian Seymore ),   and   "Dave on the Beach",  Continued to   Broadcast Biker events     and other local Daytona Beach  events,   around  the world   from the      Beachside Studio ,      On  the  5th    floor,     at   The Beaches Oceanfront Resort ,   1299  S. Atlantic Avenue, in Daytona Beach    
until the year  2004,   when the Daytona Beach broadcast  studio,   was  moved  to   TheRaven's  nest   (studio B)  located on the corner of   Halifax  and Harvey  Avenues,   in  Daytona Beach, Florida, USA.
At which time We  began working  on a regular basis   with  some  of  Daytona Beach's  other   Internet TV stations       
In the Year  2008, our existing Internet TV stations were moved from Daytona Beach,  to the city of   Adrian, Michigan   
and   re-formed into the  existing    Internet Communications  network.
                                    TheRaven    has  been Interviewed by  the  BBC
                        and is Mentioned  in Chapter # 8,   in the  Book    "DARKNET"   By Author  J.D. Lasica
     TheRaven      is also  listed in the  Wikipedia   as  an Internet TV  and  Web Television   Pioneer
 and  has  been written about   by    The  Annenberg   School of Communications  and  Journalism  
   The Rare                                                                                                                         
The Ravenworld communications  Internet TV Network
                     Broadcasting to the world  and just possibly beyond    
             GlobalWorldTV              DaytonaBeach-Live        HollywoodInternetTV             GlobalRoute66TV                                  
                                                               BikeWeekTV                                      FloridaBikeWeekTV                                                             
COMING  SOON  to an Internet TV screen  NEAR  YOU              and                                      
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